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Our Videos

The following videos were created by Shaolin Disciple Shi Yanyu.

Shi Yanuyu, Anthony Wang, is a believer in the power of inner balance and

mindfulness brought by meditation. Martial arts, Shaolin culture, and the profound teachings of

meditation have all influenced his path and way of life. As a part of the 34th generation of

Shaolin disciples, he has engaged himself in Shaolin martial arts for seven years, diving into its rich

cultural past and embracing the transforming practice of Shaolin meditation. He began his meditation practice at an early age, guided by the reverend meditation master Mingyur Rinpoche. During the COVID19 pandemic, he and a friend formed 2TMeditation, an organization dedicated to both adolescent and adult meditation (with Mingyur Rinpoche and Aboot Shi Yongxing ‘s generous blessings). Their goal is to help others by sharing personal experiences and insights from meditation and the many meditation masters worldwide. In essence, his devotion as a teen meditation instructor derives from a profound desire

to assist individuals in harnessing their inner strength, cultivating resilience, and finding comfort

in the midst of life's turbulence. By sharing wisdom and practicing mindfulness, it is his sincerest hope that they may light the way for others and guide them toward a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Zen and Kung Fu

Yanqing and Yanyu practice Shaolin staff form, Yin Shou Gun, discussing how Zen and meditation and Shaolin Kung Fu are connected.

What is Shaolin Zen

Yanqing and Yanyu practice Shaolin sword form, Mei Hua Dao, discussing what is the essence of Shaolin Zen Meditation.

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